Questions & Answers


What are the contact details of your Headquarters?

1600 Courtneypark Drive East
Mississauga, Ontario L5T 2W8
T: 905-672-7400
F: 905-672-7060
Hours of Op: 5am to 6pm EST
AFTER HOURS (6pm to 5am EST – for the customs department only)


What are Incoterms?

Incoterms are universally used between a supplier and their client to determine financial responsibilities, transfer of risk and liability for both parties. They are usually negotiated at time of purchase. It allows for a common set of rules and reduces any chance of misunderstanding. Contact us for help in determining the right incoterm.

How Do I get a Quote?

Please send any inquiries for any of our services to

What is a NAFTA Certificate of Origin?

This document is used when goods contained therein for originating purposes of the North Amercian Free Trade Agreement for preferential treatment in Canada, USA and Mexico.

What is “10 + 2 filing” and how does it affect me?

ISF (Importer Security Filing) regulation is required by US Customs to be submitted electronically 24 hours prior to shipment loading. Stiff Penalties for non compliance may be issued if not filed properly. ICECORP not only works hard to bring your goods in on time and without delay, we also ensure filing is done properly to avoid penalties.

What documents are required to import goods?

Usually commercial invoice, packing slip and bill of lading. Depending on origin, Type of goods and terms with your supplier other documentation may be required.

In order to set up an account with ICECORP should I wait until my shipment arrives into the country to contact you?

To avoid any shipment delays please contact us as soon as possible to set up your account.

What countries do you ship to/from?

ICECORP’s network extends globally to more than 100 countries to ensure that we can handle any logistics needs and requirements. (we do not ship to/from war zone countries.) Please see our global locations.


I need to ship personal items (furniture, automobile, motorcycle etc) Can ICECORP help me?

ICECORP typically does not engage in the shipment of personal/household goods, as we focus on industrial segments, however we can export automobiles.


Can ICECORP File our Canadian taxes and Invoice our clients?

See cross border e-commerce solutions.

Can ICECORP act as our Counterpart/Office in Canada?

See cross border e-commerce solution.


What Tracking solutions does ICECORP offer?

See our demo on our homepage. Through ICESOURCE you are able to access track and trace for your shipments, PO Monitoring and inventory levels.