Industry Sectors


As your business continues to face pressure to reduce global logistics costs, ICECORP will provide you with strategic solutions that will allow you the time to focus on your business. We provide centralized logistics development and operational handling for full transparency like never before.


We recognize that in today’s market, global sourcing is the new normal. Our approach to the automotive industry requires a broad view of your supply chain, including everything from the global supply chain base to your plant floor. NO matter where in the world you are sourcing your parts ICECORP has the global network and presence to deliver.

Retail & Consumer

In an industry that is going almost 50% digital, ICECORP offers innovative supply chain solutions to our consumer and retail clients, allowing them to react to changing market dynamics faster, navigate through customs with ease, and deliver their products to customers at the right place and right time.


In an industry where downtime and losses are measured in hours, every minute counts and we know that! We understand the importance for MRO (maintenance, Repair and Overhaul) organizations to fulfill their contracts in a timely manner and the industry’s reliance on speedy solutions, minimal downtime and leaner inventories. At ICECORP, we can determine and manage an end-to-end supply chain that is just right for your needs and which is both efficient and cost effective.