Our Story

ICECORP Logistics Inc., a privately owned integrated logistics company established in 1989, can trace its roots to the John Barnes Cartage and Removal Company, circa 1920, established by Mr. John Barnes, great grandfather of our President Alan Barnes. If you head over to the Toronto office, you will run into Alan and Linda Barnes who are still involved in the day to day business, with the next generation of Barnes’ not far behind. In fact, all the shareholders of the company take pride in being responsible for the daily operations.

At ICECORP we are family. We pride ourselves in the longevity of our team and work alongside each other to provide the personalized customer service that we value so much. We stand on a strong foundation that even the heaviest of weight could not shatter, and that is why we succeed in creating long-term relationships with our clients. It’s not about who gets it there the fastest or who gives the lowest rate, it’s about who can create the unique solution that fits all of your needs, and that would be us.

Get To Know Icecorp:

ICECORP’s Purpose

One source, one solution, one company for all your supply chain needs.

ICECORP’s Values


We cultivate a unique atmosphere of collaboration with the common goal of providing our clients with the best experience possible.


Taking a leadership role, acting with integrity and encouraging others around us to do the same, lets others know they can count on us, and in return we earn their respect.


When we trust in our choices and decisions, not only can we count on each other, we give clients full confidence that we will always act in their best interest.


Focusing on finding solutions and achieving results includes having a no excuses mindset, while staying committed to promises made to others.


Loyalty is the glue that keeps everyone together. Our shared goals and values will ensure that our action will always exceed our words.